Miyuki Takara (also known as Yuki-chan or Miyuki-san) is amongst the primary figures in happy celebrity.


Miyuki Takara (also known as Yuki-chan or Miyuki-san) is amongst the primary figures in happy celebrity.

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This woman is the daughter of Yukari Takara and her father that is unnamed and the moe within the team and a stereotypical friendly “healing-type” meganekko (spectacles- woman) character. Some say she is a saint.

Unlike Kagami, and Kona-chan, this woman is innocent, like Tsukasa Hiiragi.


Miyuki has very very long, wavy red hair, purple eyes, and reasonable epidermis with a small tone that is pink. She’s the tallest for the Lucky Star team alongside Minami, and contains the biggest bresincets also.

She wears eyeglasses that are large and grey stockings along with her autumn uniform. Within an episode whenever everyone else believes that Miyuki’s gentle and relaxed nature would be represented as a sheep, Konata claims that Miyuki could be more of a cow due to her breasts. Konata believes this can be extremely precious, while Kagami believes the contrary.


Miyuki Takara is quite a, smart, and friendly woman whom is additionally a bit outbound. One of her most identifying faculties is her high cleverness, (a good example of here is the power to recite highly-detailed, encyclopedic definitions whenever it really is desired) and ability that is socializing. It has provided her the nickname “Miwiki” (?Wiki) one of the Japanese camwithher brooke community that is online a mix of Miyuki’s title in addition to abbreviated title for the internet site Wikipedia. The web site it self can be an online encyclopedia which, since it is modified by anybody, could have informative data on numerous, obscure subjects; a similarity Miyuki is famous to show. Interestingly sufficient, there was clearly such an admirer following for this nickname for Miyuki that Konata makes use of this nickname on her behalf into the OVA. Miyuki appears airheaded due to her clumsiness, she is the moe in the group though she is actually quite smart, and.


It really is mentioned many times during the anime and also the manga that Miyuki’s eyesight is bad.

In reality, into the anime, Miyuki herself defines her eyesight as 20/200. Which means that the degree of information Miyuki has the capacity to differentiate at 20 foot is equivalent to an ordinary person that is seeing manage to differentiate at 200 legs. Miyuki’s reasoning behind her terrible vision is situated upon the fact, whenever she was at grade college, her mother would read to her during sex, and go to sleep without completing the story. Miyuki would then continue steadily to read and complete the written guide by by by herself at night, and this ended up causing her eyesight to falter. While Miyuki understands associated with the options to cups she might use, she prefers never to utilize them. To this end, she’s got a self-professed anxiety about putting/allowing any such thing in her own eyes. This will expand to connections and attention falls, and stretches to incorporate starting her eyes underwater additionally the lasers found in corrective attention surgery. Miyuki’s vision ended up being good until primary school, whenever she began reading publications in the dark.

It was stated, and insinuated several times, that Miyuki is really what Konata calls an “airhead. ” Generally speaking, this which means that Miyuki usually forgets by what she is/was doing, and she “spaces out” very often. This just aggravates her natural clumsiness, and a mixture of both have actually caused her to simply just take numerous spills and experience trouble. This including when she’s got gotten her bag stuck within the home of the train, and operating into an optometry indication while pacing back-and-forth while watching building. The “air headed” attribute it self has additionally caused her trouble; for instance, whenever she attempted to warm a drink up and forgot about this, simply to need to warm it once more and saying the period a few more times. Are you aware that obviously clumsy element of Miyuki, it too has triggered Miyuki difficulty with a vegetable slicer, and when she has tripped on her way to a train by itself, and that includes times where she has cut herself.

Dental Status

Miyuki features a reputation that is fairly extensive dentistry. The majority of it associated with the fact she’s got bad teeth, though through no fault of her very own. Miyuki herself loathes having to attend the dentists, and certainly will apparently take to any means for trying to avoid being forced to get. This can include Xylitol that is using gum and also cleaning for a quarter-hour at any given time. In terms of actual exploits, Miyuki happens to be shown/described when you look at the dental practitioner seat often times. Records where a dental practitioner discovered a additional issue while repairing a first are perhaps perhaps not far from the record. And there is an account that is particular of “escaping” during her exam, a free account that even Tsukasa mentions is rather crazy.

Games that Miyuki is observed playing. On a unusual event, Miyuki will play video clip or video games.

On her behalf very very own, this occurs become in the Takara family members’ computer and comprises of comparatively easy games like Solitaire and Minesweeper. Based on Miyuki, she’s got finished a game title of Expert-mode Minesweeper in less than 100 moments. Often, but, Konata will control over her DS and invite Miyuki to play the game in. Playing these games, Miyuki is proved to be in a global globe of her very own, totally consumed within the game. She’s got been recognized to get ratings during these games which amaze Konata; whom responds by emphasizing the fact she will not be able keep the high rating in her very own own game.

Moe Characteristics

Miyuki is famous both in the manga therefore the anime for having and embodying numerous Moe faculties, such as for instance having a obviously adorable look, and enormous breasts, with Moe being a component that will turn an individual on. As a result of number that is large Moe elements caused by Miyuki, she frequently becomes the prospective of numerous playful bouts of Konata’s intimate humor/harassment.


Miyuki is a new lady who’s pretty, smart, a little outbound, and well-mannered, whom additionally went along to an all woman school before arriving at Ryoo highschool, and arises from a family that is wealthy. Her mom functions such as for instance a more youthful sis to Miyuki. She constantly makes use of exceptionally courteous Japanese, even though chatting together with her closest buddies. She had been the course president on her behalf grade degree inside her very very very first 12 months, during the exact same time that she became friends with Kagami Hiiragi. During her 2nd 12 months of twelfth grade, Miyuki ended up being invest the class that is same Konata Izumi and Tsukasa Hiiragi. Miyuki’s classmates often rely on her behalf for assistance with their studies, and she actually is usually shown providing impromptu but highly-detailed, encyclopedic definitions or explanations on diverse and obscure things. Beginning with the episode i cannot abruptly Change, Miyuki and her buddies enter their year that is final in college, she put in Ms. Kuroi’s course once more. In To Be determined, Miyuki plus the other countries in the main cast just take place in cheer leading session for the college’s cultural event.


Character track Vol. 003: Miyuki Takara contains 2 songs sang by Miyuki’s vocals star, Aya Endo.

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